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Hernia Support Belt For Umbilical Hernias Pain Relief And Support

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Medical Umbilical Hernia Belt

  • UMBILICAL HERNIA BELT SUPPORT: Our umbilical hernia belt is designed to accelerate recovery time and reduce discomfort by providing the right compression level to your hernia. Perfect for umbilical, navel, incisional, epigastric, ventral, inguinal, abdominal contusions, protrusions, post-surgery, and a weak abdomen.

  • IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF: This umbilical hernia compression band helps to create just the right level of firmness against your hernia which reduces discomfort. By providing steady and stable umbilical hernia compression support, this hernia strap provides immediate pain relief when worn and is especially beneficial when worn after surgical procedures or during workouts.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE: This umbilical hernia band for Men and Women is made of high-quality elastic cotton materials to provide optimum breathability. It incorporates moisture-wicking blended fabrics that pull sweat and moisture from the skin, allowing it to evaporate more easily. This helps keep the body dry and cool in warm weather, as well as during intense physical activity allowing for faster recovery without complications.

  • SECURE AND COMFORTABLE FIT: The elastic cotton blend fabric molds around the waist and conforms to the shape of the body, while the Velcro allows for a comfortable fit for any body type. 

  • FORM FITTING: Our unique navel hernia belt is designed to specifically be low profile to fit under your clothes virtually unnoticeable thus ensuring your comfort. Sitting discreetly under tight clothes without creating bumps or lumps.


To Determine Your Size:  Measure the biggest part of your abdomen with a soft measuring tape.


  • Small (31"-35")

  • Medium (35"-39")

  • Large (39"-43")

  • X Large (43"-47")

  • XX Large (47"-55")

Comfortable Fit

Made from high stretch elastic cotton blend fabric, this umbilical hernia binder easily adjusts to the shape of your waist to provide a comfortable custom fit while simultaneously offering effective compression to the hernia. It also provides light lumbar support for your back as your wear it.

This umbilical hernia belt for men and women helps relieve pain and discomfort associated with a host of hernias such as umbilical hernia (navel/belly button hernia), post-operational / incisional hernia, epigastric, ventral, inguinal hernia, and a pendulous abdomen (weakened abdominal muscles). Whether your hernia is the result of surgery, pregnancy, a sudden weight gain, or an abdominal fluid buildup, our umbilical hernia support belt will provide instant pain relief whenever you need it.

Sporting an innovative form-fitting design, our umbilical hernia belt offers the support your body needs while you’re recovering from hernia repair surgery. What’s more, it also provides a simple and non-intrusive alternative to surgery for patients with a reducible hernia and additionally may help you if you’re experiencing pain during coughing, lifting, or bending.

Benefits & Relief from the following:

-Umbilical hernia (navel/bellybutton)

-Weakened abdominal muscles ( pendulous abdomen )

-Post-operation - incisional hernia support

-Epigastric, ventral, inguinal hernia


Material: 39% Cotton/34% Polyester/27% Elastane

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Certifications: CE, FDA


Package Includes:

1 x Umbilical Hernia Belt




Hernia Belt For Umbilical Hernias Navel Belly Button Hernias Hernia Support Stomach Hernia Brace For Pain Relief Unisex-Body Support-Fit Sports
Hernia Support Belt For Umbilical Hernias Pain Relief And Support

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