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Adjustable Back Brace Self heating Magnetic Therapy For Lower Back Pain Lumbar Back Support Unisex

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  • Immediate Back Pain Relief: This back brace gives you immediate & lasting relief from herniated disc, sciatica, back pain, sore muscles and other back conditions. Wear it when you walk, bend or stretch. Enjoy the freedom of movement!

  • Sufficient Support For The Back: This back brace features lumbar supports, giving you sufficient support in the lower back areas you need it most. Also comes with 14 strategically placed built-in magnets that help with pain relief. The brace is designed for multi-purpose use, so it’s easy to work into your daily routine. 

  • Light Weight, Breathable And Low Maintenance: This back belt brace is made of lightweight but super durable materials. The mesh panel material we used can release excess heat and moisture, so you won't feel like being heavily wrapped and constrained like the other braces. Also this brace is super easy to wash and clean.

  • Discreet And Comfortable: The waist support belt can be easily worn under clothes thanks to its anatomical and low profile design. Our premium soft-touch inner lining feels very comfortable. In fact, you won't even notice it's there, but you’ll be sure to notice the benefits.


Color: Black

Material: Composite Material

waist belt: Self-heating belt

magnetic therapy: back support

back belt: magnetotherapy - 14 built-in magnets 


  • Built in magnets help increase blood flow.

  • Relieves lower back pain by reducing pressure.

  • Neoprene back panel for warmth and compression.

  • Vented and breathable elastic side panels.

  • Adjustable and comfortable.

  • Supports along the spine to provide stability for lower back pain.

  • The strategically placed magnets help with pain relief. 

  • Professionally designed double pull braces can be adjusted to the desired level of both comfort and support.


Measure around waist and select the proper size


S                            26"-30" / 66-76CM                     

M                           30"-34" / 77-86CM                     

L                            34"-37.5" / 87-96CM                     

XL                         37.5"-44" / 97-113CM                 

Belt Length and Width:

M     41" / 105cm  - width 5.9" / 150cm

L      42.5" / 109cm - width 5.9" / 150cm

XL     44" / 113cm - width 5.9" / 150cm

Package includes:

1 x Magnetic Back Support Lumbar Brace Belt with 14 built-in magnets 

Back Brace
Adjustable Back Brace Self heating Magnetic Therapy For Lower Back Pain Lumbar Back Support Unisex

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