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Compression Knee Brace Alleviate Knee Pain Arthritis Joint Pain

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Fit Sports Compression Knee Support Sleeve

Protect yourself against joint pain with this compression knee sleeve. It provides the maximum comfort and support for your knees, whether working out, running, or dealing with arthritis and joint pain. The compression design will help you to alleviate knee pain and keep you active without compromising your safety.

• PREMIUM KNEE SUPPORT: This knee support is well made, comfortable, has excellent support and compression, and is comfortable to wear. Knee support compression sleeves help with knee pain related to hyper-mobility, climbing stairs, running, or knee joint pain. You can use them daily at the gym, running, hiking, playing basketball or football, and other sports or activities.

• HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS USED: Nylon, latex silk, spandex, and silicone have strong toughness, good wear resistance, high tensile strength, and fast recovery performance.

• OPTIMUM COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY: Prevents joint injuries, causes faster recovery, and improves blood circulation. The sleeve also supports Meniscus Tears, Arthritis, and Patella.

• BOOST YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: #1 Knee Brace for Running, Basketball, CrossFit, and Gym.

• NON-SLIP SILICONE: Helps knee support not slip down your leg, which is excellent. You can go for a run and not have to stop to adjust the supports.

• COMFORTABLE TO USE: Knee Brace Support made using advanced knitting technology and HIGH-BREATHABLE material.

• OUR GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence as this product comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. For more information, please see our Shipping and Returns Policy.

What are the benefits of knee support?

A knee brace can take pressure off the part of your joint most affected by osteoarthritis and help relieve pain. If your knee feels like it might buckle when you put weight on it, a knee brace can also help you stand and move around with more confidence.

Is it good to wear knee support while exercising?

Whether or not you've had a knee injury in the past, in most cases, it is ideal to use a knee brace while running. The primary reason is – while you're running, your knees absorb a lot of the impact, which can lead to damage over time.

When do you use knee support?

A functional brace is used to stabilize the knee joint. This brace can help prevent a knee injury if you are at high risk due to a structural issue in or around your knee, like weak ligaments or a tendency for knee dislocation.

Why do knees feel better with compression?

The knee sleeve's compression increases blood flow to the area to reduce pain and help reduce swelling after workouts. A 2017 study concluded that compression garments aid recovery, particularly after strength exercises.


Materials: Nylon / Spandex / Silicone


Medium: Top width 6.25" down width 5.5"length 10.5."
Recommended leg circumference 13.5"-16". Suitable for weight: 88-132 Lbs

Large: Top width 6.5" down width 5.75" length 10.5."
Recommended leg circumference 16.25"-18.25". Suitable for weight: 132-165 Lbs

XL: Top width 7" down width 6.25" length 10.5."
Recommended leg circumference 18.75"-21.5". Suitable for weight: 165-209 Lbs

XXL: Top width 7.25", down width 6.5", length 11.25."
Recommended leg circumference 22"-24.5". Suitable for weight: 209-242 Lbs

XXXL: Top width 7.5" down width 6.75" length 11.25."
Recommended leg circumference 24.5"-27.25". Suitable for weight: 242-275 Lbs

What's in the box?

1x Fit Sports Compression Knee Support Sleeve

Compression Knee Brace Alleviate Knee Pain Arthritis Joint Pain
Compression Knee Brace Alleviate Knee Pain Arthritis Joint Pain

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