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2Pcs Unisex Cooling Arm Sleeves Sports Running UV Sun Protection Outdoor Men Fishing Cycling Sleeves Unisex

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UPF 50 Compression & Cooling Arm Sleeves

• UPF PROTECTION: With UPF 50 protection to block out 98% of UVA and UVB rays, the cooling arm sleeve will protect you as well as help to give you a relaxed feeling instead of hot and sticky.

• SPORTS AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Designed for hot weather, our sports compression sleeves to cover will keep you comfortable whether you're golfing, fishing, playing basketball, cycling, hiking, driving, or gardening.

• SEAMLESS COMFORT: Unlike other compression sleeves that make you itchy and leave imprints on your arms, these sun sleeves are seamless, making them a comfortable fit. Our cooling sun sleeves are designed to keep sweat off your skin, keeping your body at optimal temperature, which helps to give you a comfortable and refreshing experience.

• STRETCH FIT AND WASHABLE: Our compression arm sleeves are incredibly durable and stretchy. Easy to machine wash and hang dry. 

• ONE SIZE FITS ALL: The performance arm sleeves are stretchy and durable to ensure protection from light abrasions and sun damage while being a comfortable fit for both men and women.

• OUR GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence as this product comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. For more information, please see our Shipping and Returns Policy.

SPF vs. UPF- What is the difference?

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) are standards for sunburn protection. SPF, the standard used to measure the effectiveness of sunscreens, has been around for many years. The UPF system is relatively new and was created especially for sun-protective fabrics. At first, American sun protective fabrics were rated using the SPF standard until the FTC finalized the UPF standard we have today. Use of the UPF standard is voluntary, so some sun-protective fabric manufacturers still use the SPF system.

UPF Rating System

UPF measurements of fabrics are generally tested by spectrophotometer equipment and are not tested using human subjects. The UPF rate indicates how much of the sun's UV radiation is blocked by the fabric. For example, a fabric with a UPF rating of 50 only allows 1/50th of the sun's UV radiation to pass through it. This means that the fabric will reduce your skin's UV radiation exposure by 50 times (98% UV block) in areas where the fabric protects the skin.


Highly Elastic Nylon Material: The soft sleeves are comfortable on the skin.

UV Proof Sleeves For All Seasons: Provides effective protection against sunburn or strong sunlight.

Breathable And Cool: The sleeves have a strong moisture-absorbing performance to ensure dry skin for a long time. 

Perfect Coverage: The cooling arm sleeves reach your wrist to your forearm, ensuring full sun protection.

Fit For All Outdoor Activities: You can wear these arm sleeves for various activities, such as football, camping, cycling, mountain climbing, fishing, hiking, etc...



Material: Nylon

What's in the package?

1x Pair UPF 50 Compression & Cooling Arm Sleeves

2Pcs Unisex Cooling Arm Sleeves Sports Running UV Sun Protection Outdoor Men Fishing Cycling Sleeves Unisex
2Pcs Unisex Cooling Arm Sleeves Sports Running UV Sun Protection Outdoor Men Fishing Cycling Sleeves Unisex

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