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Portable Bicycle Pump Mini Hand Air Pump Good For Tires Ball Toy Inflator Schrader & Presta

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Compact High-Pressure Air Pumps

• FITS PRESTA & SCHRADER VALVES: Switch the valve with an adapter. This bike pump is compatible with universal Presta and Schrader valves and can inflate for road, mountain, BMX, kid's, etc.

• ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: It is almost weightless (only 5.64oz) and extremely compact that can be attached to the bike frame under the water bottle cage with the mounting bracket.

• 120PSI & 160PSI VARIANTS AVAILABLE FOR FAST INFLATION: With a high PSI capacity, a Mini Bike Pump can inflate bike tires during emergency repairs or maintain tire pressure throughout the season. Now you're all set to fix the flat anywhere.

• RELIABLE & DURABLE: These hand pumps are made of plastic+aluminum alloy with durable and precise parts. Multiple leak-proof rubber rings and an ergonomic design for comfortable use.

• WIDE RANGE OF USE: These mini bike inflatable tubes are not only for bicycles but also can inflate basketball, football, volleyball, and other balls, swimming rings, and inflatable swimming pools.electric bicycles, as well as strollers and wheelchairs.

• OUR GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence as this product comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. For more information, please see our Shipping and Returns Policy.

Why buy this product?

Every bicycle rider should be prepared to pump up a flat tire or to top off their tire pressure to the recommended settings or for emergency use. To do so, you'll probably want a portable bike pump for the road.


1. An aluminum alloy barrel has a solid structure to ensure long-term use, and the tube can withstand extreme temperatures & pressure.

2. Equipped with a long barrel, it pushes more air into the tire, making the inflation fast.

3. Easy to fold design, making it portable and easy to store.

Valve Compatibility

Virtually all bike tubes use either Presta or Schrader valve stems. Bike pumps generally can handle either valve type. Most others will adjust automatically to fit either Presta or Schrader valves.

Frame-fit Pumps

Best for road cyclists, these pumps snap directly onto your road-bike frame (generally under the top tube) without the extra mounting hardware that mini-pumps require. They're longer and heavier than most mini-pumps, but they work more quickly. Their large capacity (up to 160psi) is designed to fill the high-pressure tires used on road or mountain bikes.

Mini Pumps

These small, lightweight pumps provide a quick, easy solution to flats on the road or trail. Most can be attached to various places on your bicycle frame (some can even fit under your water bottle) using mounting hardware or a rip-and-stick strap. Mountain bikers keep their mini-pumps safely inside their hydration pack, away from trail obstacles.

Tire Pressure Ranges

The correct tire pressure depends on various factors: tire size and sidewall thickness, rider weight, riding conditions, and more. Fully inflated tires are generally best for smooth needs; slightly underinflated tires may be better for rough roads or trails. Road bike: 80-130 psi / 5.5-9 bars Comfort bike: 35-70psi / 2.2-4.8 bars Mountain bike: 30-60psi / 2.1-4.2 bars



Materials: Aluminum Alloy / Rubber / Plastic

What's in the box:

1 x Compact Mini Bike Pump

1 x Tape

1 x pump holder (if applicable)

2 x screws (if applicable)

Compatible: Presta & Schrader valve


Portable Bicycle Pump Mini Hand Air Pump Good For Tires Ball Toy Inflator Schrader & Presta
Portable Bicycle Pump Mini Hand Air Pump Good For Tires Ball Toy Inflator Schrader & Presta

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